Palestinian Unity

People & Power looks at the formation of the Palestinian Unity Government earlier this month, against a backdrop of internecine strife.

 Journalist Paul Martin has been piecing together the tortuous and at times seemingly impossible route that brought the new government to fruition. He hears the inside story from key negotiators, including the crucial mediator Mustapha Barghouti, a former unsuccessful candidate for the Palestinian presidency.

In February, as 100 Palestinians, some of them children, lay dead as a result of street fighting and assassinations, the two sides finally reached a deal in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca.

 Ghazi Hamad, one of the key Hamas negotiators there, describes a remarkable scene in which erstwhile enemies Mahmoud Abbas, the president, Ismail Haniya, the prime minister and Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas political chief in exile, held hands as they circled the holy Qaba Stone, dressed in white robes.

 When the deal was finally reached, Barghouti was offered the job of information minister. But the clashes, though drastically reduced, have continued to claim occasional victims.

 People & Power has astonishing access into the complexities and limitations of Palestinian power politics.

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