Mohamed’s Letter

Mohamed Abu Muailek has smuggled a letter out of his prison claiming he was “brutally tortured” in efforts to make him confess to crimes.

Since his arrest in April 2009, he has faced a military court accused of collaboration and espionage, for which there is a mandatory death penalty.

In his letter, of which Page 1 is reproduced here, Abu Muailek says he was

  • beaten
  • burned with cigarettes
  • subjected to electric shocks, as well as
  • deprived of sleep for extended periods.

Amnesty International protested last September to the Hamas authorities in Gaza.  The world’s premier legal and human rights organisation demanded that those alleged to have tortured Abu Muailek be arrested and brought to court.

After being released to the central prison in Gaza, Mohamed Abu Muailek spoke of ill-treatment and torture at the hands of the Hamas-controlled Internal Security. This lasted for two months, during which he was detained at a secret prison.

He was interrogated daily during those 60 days, and suffered both physical and psychological torture. The signs of torture were first noticed by his sister during her first visit of Mohamed in the central prison. He was forced – by the prison authorities – to wear a long-sleeved shirt to cover burn marks on his arms caused by putting out lit cigarettes by his interrogators.

Other torture methods, according to a letter written by Mohammed in prison, included deprivation of sleep, stringing him up from his arms for many hours, beatings and threats to injure family members.  A team from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Mohamed and examined him. The team asserted that he has been subjected to torture by his captors from the Internal Security.

Also, Amnesty International called on Hamas – in a statement about the maltreatment of Mohamed – to refrain from torturing detainees and demanded an investigation into the alleged use of torture against Mohamed.


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