Paul Martin’s coverage of the Gaza Strip has been authoritative and highly respected – with special reports being shown on the BBC, Channel 4 News, Al Jazeera International, and Arte (French and German).  He has also done a series of reports about Gaza, among other Middle East trouble spots, for the BBC’s most prestigious foreign affairs programme, “From Our Own Correspondent”.

Here are a few video clips from his Gaza coverage.

Gaza report 1 – Newsnight, Paul Martin on frontline

Gaza report 2 – Newsnight, Israeli soldiers practise near

Gaza report 3 – Newsnight, rockets being prepared

Gaza report 4 – Newsnight, battle in Bet Lehiya

Gaza report 5 – Newsnight, children as weapons of war

Gaza report 6 – Newsnight, Boy plays in dead rocket man’s car

Gaza report 7 – Newsnight, Boy’s therapy

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