War, deception and expert evidence in Gaza

In 2009 Colonel Tim Collins, a British anti-insurgency expert in Iraq and Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, made his first ever visit to either Israel or the Gaza Strip in the wake of the war in and around the Gaza Strip that ended in January that year.  Among his unexpected findings was that munitions had been stored in a Gaza mosque, and had been set off by an Israeli bomb.  This appeared to contradict claims from the UN Human Rights Commission’s Goldstone Report, which said it found no evidence of Palestinian fighters storing munitions in mosques.

The trip was filmed by Paul Martin, who edited the film for CONFLICTZONES.   Later the flagship BBC nightly current affairs television television programme Newsnight made its own version using the raw material of the film.

The BBC Trust, the Corporation’s highest body, rejected claims from an activist that this special report on Newsnight was unfair.

Here is a clip from  Martin’s own Gaza coverage of that incident, which Newsnight had first checked and analysed before deciding to broadcast.  It also re-interviewed Colonel Collins before doing so.


Gaza report  – Colonel: Ammo in mosque?



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